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FSPMR - Florida Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
FSPMR - Florida Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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AAPMR’s 2018 General Assembly

FSPMR Will Join AAPM&R for 2018 Annual Assembly
….Stay Tuned for Details.


October 25 – 28, 2018,

Orlando Convention Center, Orlando, Florida




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March 2, 2016

To Florida Patient Stability Coalition Members:

SB 1142 Non-Medical Switching Update

I’m sorry to say that SB 1142 was NOT placed on tomorrow’s Appropriations Committee agenda, which means the end of the committee road for this bill. With just two weeks left in the Legislative Session, the Senate’s focus is now on bills that are moving in both the House and the Senate. (HB 915 hasn’t been heard.) Our legislative counsel will seek any and all opportunities to amend the SB 1142 language on to other bills, but the prospects are slim.

We’re very pleased that the Senate bill passed two Senate committees and we have a very good base of support to pursue the Coalition’s objectives in the 2017 Session.

Now would be a great time to ...

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President's Message


We had a great time at the national meeting in New Orleans. The reception with the Louisiana Society was outstanding. It was great to meet new physicians and get caught up with old friends. I would like to thank Lorry Davis for her help in setting it up and Medtronic for their generosity in sponsoring the event.

It was good to participate in the Presidents/CAC meeting. We have already been through many of the issues that various states are just starting to deal with. It is defnitely a double edged sword, being in Florida, walking point through the mine fields of legislation. Thankfully we have FSPM&R physicians who have been willing to help when problems arise. Because of our past experiences I was able to give input and advice to AAPM&R and the other state societies on subjects such as pill mills, opioid prescribing, mobile EMG etc.

I am glad to report that we (all state societies) will start to get national assistance on legislative issues from AAPM&R. We will hopefully have a representative from our Florida Society on their new legislative council.

I can also tell you that we are one of the most organized societies compared to many that I talked with. It appears we are well ahead of everyone, when it comes to getting the word out with our newsletter and website. We had a great initial teleconference with the board members in early November. I am privileged to have such a great team surrounding me. If there are any issues that people feel need to be addressed please feel free to contact us.

As always,
Matthew D Imfeld MD


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