FSPMR - Florida Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
FSPMR - Florida Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
FSPMR - Florida Society of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
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Call for Abstracts Deadline: July 10, 2021

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Florida Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


The Florida Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation's mission is to promote and advance health and function through education and research in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, in order to provide quality patient care and promote a person’s quality of life and improve functional outcomes.

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President's Message
Mark Rubenstein MD

Greetings and Happy New Year! This newsletter message will be relatively brief. Our specialty has little to report since the last newsletter was published. We all have our struggles with the current pandemic and its inherent changes in our practices and our lives. The last few months have been focused on our country’s political climate with the headlines primarily centered upon the vaccination “race.”

By now I hope that most of you have opted for and received the vaccination. Ethically I had wished that the most susceptible receive priority for the vaccine first. I concur with the elderly and immunocompromised and had initially planned to defer my own until it was readily available. It became quickly clear that we as physicians needed to understand the actions of the vaccines, the goals, and set examples for our patients with regard to the relative safety of the inoculations. Our day to day activities put us in contact with so many individuals that could risk mortality from Covid-19 exposure – it is imperative that we take all precautions and protect our patients and families to the best degree that science guides us.

The payroll protection programs that were rolled out last year have re-opened. Those of you that are qualified should re-visit whether a second round of “loans” are necessary, appropriate, or desired. Time is of the essence if you choose to do same.

One of my goals as your temporary leader is to increase the number of our members participating in organized medicine outside of FSPMR. Of course, our goal as an organization is to increase our own membership first, and that is a priority. If you know other physiatrists who are not currently engaged or members, please encourage them to join. There truly is strength in numbers for many reasons. Our executive staff stands ready to assist you in facilitating membership recruitment.

Participation in organized medicine can mean many things. Our own organization is granted a voice at the House of Delegates for the Florida Medical Association. We are voting members and therefore can help shape policies for years to come. If you were to read resolutions that are brought before the House of Delegates for the FMA, you would see that many are either requesting that the FMA “support”, “seek”, or “pursue” legislation. Effective pursuit of legislation means lobbying. Lobbying requires finances. Political Action Committees are imperative to achieve this.

Many physicians are upset that Florida Legislature passed expansion of scope of practice for nurse practitioners last year. Frankly, we were misled by a number of politicians, and the specific piece of legislation was the primary goal of the last House Speaker. It was an uphill battle. What people don’t understand is that they may just be the tip of the iceberg. This year there is already legislation filed calling for more expansion of nurse practitioner privileges. The legislation that passed previously allows nurse practitioners to practice primary care WITHOUT physician supervision. The goal this year by several senators is to expand this to sub-specialties. Additionally, there is legislation that will allow optometrists to do eye surgery. This is an example of what needs to be closely followed each session.

Donations to Political Action Committees (PACS) should be considered an insurance policy. We as physicians need to contribute a bit each year so the medical profession as a whole does not lose standing. The end result could be that patient care suffers when physicians are not strong or powerful enough to impact the political process.

Changing directions completely, I’m proud to report that planning is underway for the annual meeting for FSPMR. This year it is planned for August in Tampa, and will again be in conjunction with the FSIPP Annual Meeting. Excellent educational opportunities will abound. Stay tuned and make plans to attend if able. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay productive.

FSPM&R Presidents Message march 2021


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